iPhone 4 Users: Keep your Eye on the Dot

Have you ever had one of those moments in life where you felt like you were the star of your own movie, or in the mist of something so spectacular that you didn’t even bother to pull out your video camera because you knew what it captured would not do justice to the moment? I think we have all been there, and in the retelling, used phrases like ‘oh, if you could have seen what I saw’ or ‘if you were in my shoes…’ With the Kogeto Dot your iPhone 4 becomes a 360 degree panoramic video camera, allowing your friends and family to ‘see the world through your eyes’ and even see some of what you missed in the moment. The Dot snaps onto your iPhone 4, and looks like a retro-siren in a holster. To use, you just place it on a flat surface or carry it horizontal at torso-height as you walk. Dot can live-stream  your whereabouts and doings in real-time or archive the video on the iPhone for later upload and editing. Using  Kogeto's free Looker software app, you can share  your videos via  facebook or twitter. Dot’s technology is based on that of her big sister, Lucy, a professional-grade panoramic camera for video professionals, educators, and security. Lucy was originally developed by Kogeto Founder and CEO, Jeff Glasse, to capture and assess teaching effectiveness in the classroom.

Check out what Dot and Lucy can do by viewing sample videos. Dot is currently available for pre-order through Kogeto’s website or directly on Kickstarter.com for iPhone 4 and will eventually be available for Android. So,  as Kogeto, likes to say, “Put down the camera. Enjoy the party!”