What do you Call a Scared Tyrannosaurus?

A Nervous Rex!!!! I resemble that remark....ok, seriously, I digress.... If your kids love dinosaurs and you all like to laugh, then Maya and I have an app for you…Silly Dinosaur Riddles! Beloved children’s science author Seymour Simon (author of the app Science Fun to Go) and his longtime collaborator, the hilarious illustrator Dennis Kendrick, have created an ebook of dinosaur riddles that is bound to get giggles from your youngsters!

Why did the T-Rex cross the road? And, what should you do if you find a blue Triceratops? Are just a few of the clever riddles you and your kids will giggle about. The app has a “Read To Me” option for the emerging reader and a “Let Me Read” option for young readers. Silly Dino has very engaging audio recorded by Grammy award winner John Marshall Media studio, which invites you to laugh along at dino-humor while reinforcing knowledge of dinosaur names…and let’s face it…it is cool for a kid to know the difference between an velociraptor and a brontosaurus. Silly Dinosaur Riddles is available for the iPhone, iPad, iTouch, or Android phones.

See what Maya has to say about Silly Dinosaur Riddles.....

Maya Reviews Silly Dinosaur Riddles App

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