Why Lebron James is still a winner

It is approximately 2 pm and I’m in the Miami International Airport. I’m listening to Obama from some screen that I can’t see and all I hear him talking about is how high tech fields can’t hire skilled workers. He said only 14% of undergraduate students are pursuing degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. 1/3 switches out, and about 2 out of 5 actually graduate in less than 5 years. Obama said we need to make sure our companies have a steady stream of skilled workers to hire and this is why I think Lebron is still a winner, despite the loss last night. Lebron is a winner because even though he ‘left’ the hood, and Cleveland, to pursue his own personal interests, he didn’t forget about the hood. A couple of months back I received a press release regarding Lebron James, and him bringing more than just Heat to Miami…Lebron James, in partnership with HP, donated so many computers throughout the states, in big cities, urban cities, because he sees the value that technology has.

Technology can help decrease the educational gap that some of us are faced with, when we leave these inner city schools and go away to college. There are so many choices out there, but one of the choices that many of us NEVER had to make, was the choice to be as equally prepared as the student next to us. That is one decision that was out of our grasp, and Lebron James is trying to change that.

Many criticized and still criticize his decision to leave Cleveland to join a team with ‘better’ players, but in the end, look at how far the Miami Heat made it in the playoffs – they were 2 games away from possibly winning it, showing his decision did in fact bring him closer to putting a ring on his finger.

As someone who grew up in the ‘hoods’ of NYC, who still lives in the ‘hood’ and who is actively searching to LEAVE the hood, I plan on leaving because of many reasons, number 1 being my safety, and my decision to have more space, and more resources to bring me closer to my dreams. I don’t want to make the direct comparison of me being like Lebron James, because I for sure, don’t consider myself the ‘queen’ of anything, but if leaving the hood means I’ll be closer to something that’ll make me better, than hell yea, I’m moving.

Why not?

Why should Lebron have the burden of something he didn’t create?

He didn’t forget about Cleveland – and his donations prove that.

I won’t either.

Lebron – you’re still a winner in my eyes and always will be, as long as you continue trying to help those that are less fortunate that the NBA has made you, in hopes of them reaching their next level.

(Thanks HP – you’re always winners in my eyes)