Post Workout / Reebok RunTone Action Sneakers - Day 2

I spoke too soon last week. I have to take everything I said about not being sore back…approximately 24 hours after my run, I took a 3 hour nap after work. When I woke up from the nap, I realized I had worked out a lot of muscles the night before on my 7 minute (if that) run. The muscle, which I associate with sexy baseball players, above my knee, going towards the inside of my leg was extremely sore. My inner thigh (front & back – just in case they are different ones) – both extremely sore.

My shin – extremely sore.

I would point to all of them and take pictures, but I can just take a picture when I get home, of the shoebox, which highlights all of the key muscles that it aims to work out. I love these sneakers, have raved about them to those around me, and I just ordered my mom a pair! Go Reebook RunTone Action – while I still don’t enjoy running, I definitely enjoy being sore and feeling like I’m a lil’ closer to being tighter and toner!

(This is the cheapest place that I could find them online - is the best!!!! Look at the different color options to make sure you get the cheapest price, if that is all you're interested in...also, don't forget to sign up for's Mom Club, to get Free Amazon Prime for a year, which means Free 2 Day Shipping for a year...$80 value)