iLuv to Accessorize your iPad 2 in Style

In my never-ending quest to maximize the usefulness and versatility of my gadgets, be stylish and true to my mobile lifestyle, I have come across an award-winning company that really ‘gets’ my on-the-go needs: iLuv, which stands for “Innovative Lifestyle Unquestionable Value” (see what I mean!). iLuv designs accessories for mobile devices that are functional, versatile, stylish and affordable. My latest wish list accessory is a phenomenal case that any iPad 2 user would relish, the iCK826 Professional Case for iPad 2 with removable Bluetooth keyboard.  This elegant leatherette case feeds my occasional need for the tactile response offered by a traditional keyboard over the touchscreen keyboard interface when writing extensively on the iPad…say for e-mail, blogging, journaling….you get the idea. The iCK826’s most notable feature is the removable Bluetooth keyboard that adds a traditional keyboard experience to the power and portability of the iPad 2.  iLuv designed the keyboard so that the keys react and respond to the user’s touch in the same tactile manner as a traditional computer keyboard, providing a typing experience that is familiar to the user and completely different than that of typing on the device’s touchscreen display.

The iCK826’s keyboard includes a micro USB port for fast charging of the internal battery that will last up to 30 days on a single charge. Secured with four Velcro strips attractively and elegantly sewn into the leatherette case, the Bluetooth keyboard can be easily removed and will easily operate from across a table or at the foot of a bed in a hotel room. If you tend to wall-mount, stand or prop your iPad then you will appreciate the keyboard’s versatility and the retractable kick-stand, which ensures the most comfortable viewing angle when typing or consuming any kind of content on the iPad screen.

iLuv makes audio docks and accessories for the iPad, iPod, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Blackberry as well as a whole host of PC, audio and power accessories….and stylish, colorful cases for just about anything ‘smart.’ See for yourself at iLuv.