What a CuteGeek gets her Daddy

Father’s day is this coming this Sunday and there are only a few shopping days left, and while only a procrastinator waits until the last week to get a gift, it’s never too late for us to tell you about a few great gift ideas. We at CuteGeek.com and what we like to call our Papa site, HardwareGeeks.com have worked hard to put together a Father’s Day Gift Guide with products we think dad's will love.

First on the list is TiVo Premiere HD, the perfect gift for any man. Technically, the TiVo is for Dad but we kids, wives and girlfriends will not hesitate to enjoy it too! Dad will load the TiVo up with his favorite shows and we will do the same but now that dad knows he won't 'miss' anything, he is more likely to finish some of those around-the-house project while we watch our programs LIVE, knowing that once we go to bed, the TiVo and TV are his!

TiVo Premiere can be purchased at BestBuy or TiVo directly for $99 (45 hour recording time) or $299 for the XL (150 hour recording time) monthly service plans start at $19.99. It works with Cable, Fios and over the air antennas. TiVo is also giving away a Man Cave, click here for more info on that.

Second on our list is something that will help keep dad active and healthy. It’s the Nike GPS watch powered by TomTom which is available at Nike Stores and at Nike.com for $199. It encourages dad to be active by promptly him to know if he wants to go on a run, praising him when he does and will even track how fast and where he ran. He then can connect his watch to his computer and sync it with the Nike website so he can see a visual map of where he ran. Any dad would love to have this watch.

The next product to make this gift guide is also from TomTom. It’s the Go 2535M Live GPS Navigation System for automobiles. Radiris, one of our founders, loves her Go Live and never leaves home without it. TomTom is the only GPS maker on the market with GPS devices that get smarter the more you use them.With the HD Traffic, IQ Routes and live traffic updates every 2 minutes, the TomTom Go 2535M is a great Father’s Day Gift. It is available at Best Buy for $349.

If your dad travels or works on-the-go, you may consider signing him up for Mobile Broadband service. Clear.com offers 4G plans that start at only $45 a month and for a limited time you can get the modem for only $25 dollars. Sure you may stick dad with a new bill but at least when he travels he can still be online secretly playing Farmville on Facebook! Monthly plans are also available.

Another great gift for dad, whether he travels, carpools or works from home is the Seagate GoFlex Satellite, an external 500 GB hard drive that dad can wirelessly connect to through his tablet, PC or smart phone. This gadget is perfect for the dad who takes long trips and wants to watch movies without paying $6.00 while he is 30,000 feet up in the air.

If your dad isn’t a road warrior, he would still enjoy loading this wireless drive up with content to use at the office, during the commute or on family car trips, and since it supports up to 3 simultaneously users, he won't mind if you all log into it too (using your headphones of course!) so he can have his choice on the car radio. For more info on the Seagate Satellite visit Seagate.com.

Not all great dad gifts need to be big ticket item. Here are two accessories your dad can use with his laptop that he may like.... a notebook sleeve and a USB Key Chain branded with the logo of his favorite sports team. The company that makes them is called Centon and they have licensing agreements with MLB, NASCAR, NFL and various colleges across the US.

Michael from HardwareGeeks.com loves his New York Mets branded Sleeve and USB Keychain. The sleeves fit notebooks 15.6 inches or smaller and the USB Key Chains are available with 2 – 16 GB of storage. You can pick them up at Best Buy, K-Mart and other retailers.

Whatever you do for Dad this year, he is going to love it because you took the time and were thoughtful enough to remember him. If you want to choke him up a bit, personalize your gift by unboxing it, getting it set up and maybe even loading some content onto it...whatever it takes to show him that you chose this gift for him for a reason (which was not the sale price!).... like for instance, load some family photos or home movies on the Seagate GoFlex Media drive, get a matching sportswatch for you to show him that you plan to sweat alongside him, or commit to a monthly movie evening of marathon "Star Trek" or whatever it is you and dad enjoy together so that TiVo becomes the tech that bonds you.

Happy Father's Day!!!