The Father’s Day Gift that You Will Want to Borrow Back…

The GoFlex Satellite Mobile Wireless Media Storage Drive is the ideal gift that you will want to borrow back from your man. This Father’s Day wow him with the altruism of a tech toy instead of a tie and simultaneously, get back at him for the kitchen appliance he gave you for Mother’s Day! With 500 gigabyte capacity, this little 5 inch drive:

  • stores over 500 of your favorite HD movies
  • has it’s own WiFi to stream content to up to three WiFi enabled devices simultaneously
  • automatically syncs media and docs from your computer
  • fits in your purse!

Imagine all the possible scenarios in which you could put this sweet device to work for you. Long car rides with one kid streaming a movie on the iPad, another is streaming music to their iPod Touch and you on your Smart Phone streaming photos to organize and post to Facebook. It works with other tablets and Androids too. Think long flights, think airport time, think about anywhere you spend a lot of time waiting with others and could leverage that time to simultaneously read, watch, listen and work.

You can even stake your claim on some of those gigs before it gets into his hands by doing the set up and loading it with your media in advance. This way you can demo it as soon as the bow comes off.

Setting up the GoFlex Satellite is as easy as opening the box, connecting the device to your computer with a USB cable and following the instructions on screen. You will be ready to migrate your media in minutes! The drive comes partially charged and WiFi-ready right out of the box. All you have to do is point each of your Smart Devices to the GoFlex in the WiFi Settings. Apple Users can download the free GoFlex Media App from iTunes / App Store and Androids and tablet users (including the iPad) can access the content by going the once connected to the devices WiFi. If you are tech-gun-shy, do the setup on a weekday so you can take advantage of Seagates standard business hour tech support and 30-day warranty.

My Seagate GoFlex is the perfect content hub since I work between PC and Mac environments at home (the home-home office and the home-work office), am constantly on the go for work and play, and love to share my photos and videos with family and friends but don’t want to keep it all stored locally on my phone where other family members don’t have access to them. The city girl in me loves that I have finally found a way to watch movies on long subway rides without filling up my phone and using earphone splitters for the kids because they can be on their own devices streaming alongside me.