Running with Reebok's RunTone Sneakers - Day 1

I have never stayed at work as late as I did yesterday, without doing work that is, but the fact that I ‘wanted’ to test these bad boys out made me find all the things in the world that I had to do…I eventually went ‘home’ – aka my hotel, and I changed into my workout clothes, dreading its tightness, as I reminded myself ‘I need to do this – you are going to Miami and have too many summer trips planned. Only Jell-o should jiggle…’ I put on the sneakers, took a picture…a before…and can say from the moment I put them on, they felt like a world of difference. I have Nike running sneakers but I bought them over 2 years ago, and while running sneakers are supposed to be upgraded every X number of months – I don’t really run, so I still have them. The RunTone’s are extremely light, offer tremendous arch support, even for those with flat feet, it felt nice. They came laced, which I think is common now, but I’m ol’ skool and barely buy sneakers, so I remember having to lace mine up. Whoever laced these knew they were going to be mine because they felt perfect – they were a perfect fit. I jumped around a bit to feel the ‘balance ball inspired’ tech in action, and because I didn’t have my other sneakers I can’t really explain the difference, but the weight of the sneakers was. I went running outside, in Hopewell, NJ – the center of fun in South Jersey…and I didn’t run more than 1.5 miles because I was running on a road, leading to the i-95 and it just felt weird. I need trees and people, and not military helicopters flying above me.

The run went well, and probably would’ve lasted longer had I not cramped up on my right side of my rib cage/lung/that area of my body. I felt like I had some pep in my step, but many people say running is mental, so maybe the fact that I had these new sneakers made me want to run. It was fun and bouncy though - that wasn't mental...The lightness of the sneaker and the ‘bounce’, if that makes sense, made it more enjoyable. I was running on cement, not a nice track or anything but I didn’t feel any discomfort what so ever – except when I started running on what I thought was flat grass, and ended up on bumps and random holes in the ground…minus my close call with the ground, I enjoyed myself. I went home and had my tank top wet from the sweat, which is a nice indicator of getting something done, and I was red for about an hour after…woohoo to my heart rate being super high!

As someone who does NOT run, I would like to say that these sneakers are a motivating factor to my future workouts. That decision is solely based on the comfort it provided. After my run I also went bike riding for a while, because it was still light outside and I figured I’d take advantage, so today, while I did not wake up feeling all kinds of soreness on my leg muscles, I did feel some soreness, but it was from biking. Even after my run, my legs and feet felt good and that’s something that I wasn’t used to. Some recommend buying running sneakers half a size bigger, to alleviate some of the pain, or tightness that one feels after running, but my toes felt great before, during and after the run.

The best part of working out is feeling the pain leave the body, as you wake up sore, meeting muscles you never knew existed. Although I am not sore today, I can imagine tomorrow, or the day after I will be, especially if I continue trying to run longer distances. The sneaker has a net-like fabric in the front, allowing your feet to breathe and something else that was interesting is that everything is seamless. I couldn’t find anything in the sneaker to potentially cause some pain…but it was my first run! I recommend these sneakers that ‘tone and strengthen key leg muscles with every run’. I purchased mine on, but you can purchase them close to anywhere – and they have a bunch of nice colors. I stuck with black because the pink ones were sold out.

Strutting my stuff!