I'm The Girl with the Hot-Spot!

Since getting my Android Infuse last month, I noticed that I tend to use the phone rather than my tablet for quick and dirty web-searching and had to ask myself why. I have gotten addicted to Android’s 4G speedy returns and was frustrated with the 3G on my iPad 2. In the hectic haze of a typical multi-tasking, micro-device-at-my-fingertips day, I need dependable, flexible and fast WiFi at home and on-the-go, and these days I need it to support laptops, tablets and multiple smart phones. I also realized that I dread the looming warning e-mails that I am approaching my cellular data plan limits. Who needs that stress? I spent some time considering my options and decided to leap into a newer 4G service called Clear.  For $45 per month I can create your my own personal portable 4G hot-spot anywhere and connect up to eight simultaneous wi-fi enabled devices. This is “super fast take-it-with-you internet” for on-the-move professionals with a pocketful of wi-fi enabled gadgets. The way I see it, this service may pay for itself if it lowers my exorbitant monthly Starbucks tab by freeing me from the enticement of free wi-fi.

Clear is offering a web special right now where you get their new Rover Puck for $25 with carrying case, free activation, one month free and free shipping (usually next day) with a two year service agreement. They offer the same low price for month-to-month verses contract but the only the contract comes with the freebies and discounted modem.

It only took me minutes to sign up for the web special over the phone and I am one day away from my own personal hot-spot! It should work right out of the box with registration and it will be password protected so no one can steal my wi-fi but I can offer to share it! I will be the girl at the park getting work done on a breezy day, or the mom at the playground on a video conference or the friend at the waterfront café chatting on FaceTime with family in South America while she waits for you. More to come on where my new hot-spot will take me…