Reebok Women's "RunTone Action" Sneaker

Working out is fun for some, but not so fun for me – because of that, I am always looking for ways to make it cool. Buying new things always feels nice, because its like Christmas when I go home, as I open up my packages. I recently bought these sneakers because I got tired of hearing about these ‘shape-ups’ devices (aka sneakers) who apparently work out the troubled areas we all have…well, everyone but my little sister who apparently has a perfect body even after eating tons of pizza and McDonalds. (I say apparently because I just realized yesterday how perfect her body is, and by perfect I don't mean skinny, I mean she has curves, and looks fit - btw, please return your white bikini, thank you.) As I get better, I mean older, I’ve noticed that my #1 physical asset – my legs, are not as toned or tight as they once were…look at the pic circa 3 yrs ago…I bought these "RunTone Action" sneakers to put their ‘balance ball inspired tech’ to the test.

I’m going running tonight, and plan to bike ride within the next week.

If anyone is interested, I’ll take ‘before and after’ pictures of my legs, while reviewing these sneakers. We’ve never reviewed sneakers, but there is a lot of ‘tech’ that goes into these products.