Media Manager Intern Needed

Blogging on our site is simple – we do a quick background check, thanks to google, ask about your interests, see if there is a good fit, order business cards, create an email address, give you access to our wordpress, all the key passwords and BAM – you’re a blogger. We’re currently looking to add more bloggers – bloggers that can cover some of the other hats that women wear – students, kids, mothers, professionals, etc. Within those groups, we would also like to get an intern that would like some experience with managing different forms of media, that can help us create a constant flow of content on our site. All of our bloggers are X by day, blogger when they have the time. None of us are full-time bloggers and while I would love to blog all day, having fun doesn’t pay my bills, or anyone else’s (yet) so we need some help.

If you’re interested, contact A media manager will work with all of the bloggers, but will require very little time, and will be a great resume building opportunity.

(Thanks in advance)