Majesco Entertainment set to change traditional NBA Games

I love basketball and as we approach Game 4 and start mentally preparing for the Heat to win tonight (let the hating begin) – there’s also a cool idea to start mentally prepare for. Gaming – in the world of physical motion. Last year, at E3, Microsoft turned ‘us’ into the remotes of our gaming consoles – we’ve done yoga, danced, ran in Olympic games, etc – but imagine how this new concept of gaming, which is changing up and infiltrating all of our experiences, would change playing a simple game like basketball. Forget NBA Live, the game I think my brother lived for each year it was released, and picture yourself physically getting into the game, with more than just your fingertips. This game is set to be different, and in a world where different is the goal, and being unique and all that other good stuff, it is pretty exciting to just think about the possibilities. Imagine watching yourself play in the game.

Majesco has partnered with the National Basketball Association (NBA) and have committed to releasing a new game that utilizes motion-based gaming technology in the Spring of 2012.

Majesco makes casual and family oriented games (console and digital) and have over 20 yrs of operating history. They are headquartered in Edison, NJ and have an international office in Bristol, UK. They are known for Cooking Mama, TETRIS Party Deluxe and Zumba Fitness (which I would love to try out on my Wii).