Intel's Museum of Me...

If someone were to ask you how you visualized yourself - what would you say? Who would pop into your head? Which memories?
Michael ( sent me an email earlier this week with a link to Intel's Museum of Me, and I tried logging into my Facebook account to see what it would do, and it did I forgot about it and went on my merry way. This morning, a friend of mine posted a link to her museum and I thought, crap, it didn't work for me.
I gave it another shot and then smiled for about 3 minutes - the length of the 'exhibit'. Intel has strategically figured out how to allow the world to visualize themselves, according to their social network, words they choose, and pictures they post. It was great. I felt like a child on a class trip, to an awesome museum called Me. My favorite part was when the screen filled up with words and I tried to read as much of it as I can and what I got was 'smile', 'nerd', 'best night ever', 'love', 'all', etc...such a cool project...create your own and share with your friends. This was my exhibit:
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