Countdown to the summer – June 21st

I just emailed my friend about no longer eating food for nourishment, but starting to only think about food because since I would no longer be consuming it…thanks bikini season…thanks for arriving quicker than planned, like a ninja in the night… Summer is almost here and now is when we all start brainstorming ways of losing weight, or jiggle, whatever you may call it – the quickest, cheapest, most dramatic way possible. (Mission: Rediscover my ribcage or Check out this cool thing called Clavicle). I go through waves of emotions, excitement, desire, etc…like many of you…when trying to tackle this issue of wearing a bathing suit that will allow me to exude confidence, walk without holding in my tummy, or belly – depends who you ask…that will also disguise any lines that should not be visible to the world…aka…crack. I get excited when I find something new. It’s hard. My friends know – forget runner’s high, or craving a workout – I DO NOT know what that means. I can tell you a funny joke – maybe even cook you an amazing breakfast, but finding a workout that works, which I enjoy is something I haven’t discovered.

P90X, Insanity, Bikram Yoga, etc. – I’ve tried them… I actually enjoy some parts. Like the end of the 90 minutes of Bikram Yoga, where I’m dying and melting into my yoga mat, as I stare into the ceiling, hearing my breathe and thanking myself for still breathing.

Technology giants are hearing us though – because this sentiment isn’t unique to me. Today I ordered a pair of purple (because I need bright colors to motivate me) of Reebok RunTone Action sneakers…in hopes of eventually finding the sneaker that will do all the working out for me…

The reason I bought these new sneakers is because I will get to try out TomTom/Nike’s running watch, to be able to update my cool friends on where and how long I’ve been running from. There is another aspect of social networking that people don’t talk about – like how easy it makes it to fish for compliments, or how easy it is to find a workout buddy…

I wore a BodyMedia FIT device earlier this year – during CES, to see which blogger would walk the most and the best part about it was syncing it up to your PC – determining what you wanted to do, whether it be lose weight, or lose weight in X amount of time. The fact that it told me how much activity, or calories burned I would need to get to that point made me want to walk more, or run, or climb stairs. I loved that it tracked my activity. What was even cooler is that I was familiar with the device because a lot of its ‘brains’ were started at Carnegie Mellon University, when I was a student there, so I can say I contributed to some of its coolness. It’s pretty pricey, but really helps in assuring you burn enough, by tracking your activity and making it extremely easy to wear, charge, sync in your computer or phone, etc. I’ll write further about this device. It really is great.

What is everyone doing to prep for this big event called the summer? Are you changing your eating habits? Are you working out?

Please share!