AT&T Is Giving Me FREE Mobile-to-Mobile Minutes...Want Some?

AT&T recently launched a nice enhancement to their individual and FamilyTalk Calling Plans for people with Unlimited Text Messaging. If you have or want to sign-up for unlimited text messaging, you now get unlimited calling to any (yes, ANY) mobile number on any network in the US (and Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands) at no extra charge. Yes, free mobile-to-mobile calling, regardless of the network your friends and family are on! If you are like me, always on-the-go chatting with friends and colleagues who are also on-the-go, then free mobile-to-mobile calling offers huge savings on monthly minute consumption. Only have to ask for it, so call up AT&T or stop in a store and they can upgrade your account in seconds...and so you can start banking your mobile-to-mobile minutes into your rollover minutes.