Tempted BUT….Is the new Samsung Infuse worth jilting my current smart phone?

On Cinco de Mayo, I attended a Samsung/AT&T Event to launch the new Samsung Infuse with my colleague Mike Reyes of HardwareGeeks.com. It was all about fajita’s as-you-like-them, best Guacamole on the upper west side,  soft-pink margaritas with a kick AND the chance to touch and play with the new Samsung Infuse, the latest in Androids running on 4G….and they sent me home with one! So why did I wait so long to tell you all about it? Well, I wasn’t sure how I felt about my new Android. I felt like I was cheating…on my iPhone 3GS. I needed time to get over the awe of the wow-me-better-than-my-tablet video graphics, the subtle thrill of the keyboard touchsense and convince myself that it was truly love; that Andy and I (Yes, it is nickname worthy!) could have a productive, fulfilling and fun relationship and that I, a committed iPhone user, could get with an Android and be as content with my ‘smart’ experience. I gave it a chance, carried it around this month, setting up a Google Voice phone number so I could 50/50 respond to calls and text on my two phones. Both are on AT&T wireless service and it seems unfair to pit my 3G-powered-second-husband against a 4G-bad-boy that I just met over Margarita’s …but that is life, right? That is how we upgrade and change phones. No guilt, no qualms…it is all about me! What is that phone going to do for me and how much am I going to love doing it and being seen doing it…and talking about how and what I did and do with it… It is a relationship. My phone spends more time on my person than well…anything and/or anyone that demands my attention so I demand fuller sensory engagement and the Android Infuse delivers.

I made those boys fight for my multi-tasking attention and vie to serve my entertainment, distraction and multi-media needs. I took them both abroad on an impromptu-central American get away weekend to see how much of a companion they were without voices (I had on airplane mode to avoid hefty AT&T roaming charges).

So where do Andy and I stand?  I am mildly awestruck with vibrant colors and almost-3D video quality and am thrilled to have Quick Office (think MS Office) in my pocket on a display large enough to actually use it. Truthfully, the look is sleek, thin and sexy BUT (there it is..there is always a ‘but’) the Android Marketplace experience, which is a crux of being ‘SMART’ is not as easy, enticing and informative as the Apple App Store and I can’t get my Netflix on it yet (just edit my Queue…what a tease!). Part of being ‘all about me’ is being all about my Apps, so I think I will remain married to Apple for now because I know and trust the in-laws…and I feel safe in the Apple community in terms of add-ons, accessories and security… but I am going to keep my eye on what the Android gets up to in the next few years because it may well entice me away once the Android eco-system is as provocative as the Android Infuse itself.