Wireless Printing from Anywhere... Really, Anywhere with HP!

My new HP Officejet 6500A Plus all-in-one color printer/scanner/copier/fax is my new best friend, assistant and nanny all-in-one. Within ten minutes of completing the setup, I was able to print from my Macbook Pro, My Lenovo X200, and scan from the printer to both computers and to my iPad. I can also print from my iPhone using HP iPrint Photo and HP ePrint Service apps. The HP ePrint center provides a document dashboard where I can determine who can ePrint and I can download free apps that provide legal and business templates, games for the kids, coupons and goodies I have not even begun to explore. No kidding! I can color print from anywhere in the world just by e-mailing my printer. I feel like I am living with the Jetson’s because all my gadgets talk to my printer and it even has it’s own contact entry (complete with photo!) in my iPhone contacts…I think I may need to give it a pet name! The print quality is smooth, crisp and the ink costs half what I pay for my current printer. I am really excited about the sheet-feeder for scanning documents which will save me a lot of time given the amount of document scanning I do. Oh and the scanner is so ridiculously easy that my 7 year old daughter mastered it within minutes of me getting the HP on-line. She scanned some of her own artwork from the printer to the iPad with the touch of a button and the mischievous glint in her eye that I glimpsed as she started to realize the endless possibilities …rang true for me too.  Check out my daughter, Maya Wirelessly Scanning Artwork using the HP Officejet Wireless Printer. I can not wait to return the favor to all those facebook junkie friends of mine who posted prom or 1980’s Halloween costume photos. My archives are going digital!

Faxing…something I need to do but not all that often and certainly not often enough to warrant the investment in a telephone line. I am going to research eFax options for sending faxes using http://www.faxcompare.com/ and will forward received faxes to my printer using the printer’s e-mail address.

Now to give some context to my gushing, I am only 10 minutes removed from my third 2 hour HP customer support call in the last 20 hours to get the printer set up and connect to my home WiFi [exhale…..ahhh]. To be fair to HP, apparently only 5000 of every million printers sold actually have the new owner call in, and no one needs six hours of support to get it up beside me. Could happen to anyone…but let me share a few pointers so it doesn’t happen to you! Your wireless router can not have WPA-2 Security and the router name can’t have non-alphanumeric characters nor spaces. I was hosed by the creative Spanish phrase I had assigned to my Netgear Router. The general advice that I got was to download the printer drivers from the internet regardless of the operating system and to update the firmware on the printer from the outset. Doing that would have saved me 6 hours of tech support! If you have a Mac, you will have an amazing customer service experience…if you don’t…lie.