Surround Sound Around Town with the SRS iWOW 3D

The SRS iWOW 3D seriously enhances the listening experience on the iPhone, iPad and iPod. I put this four-inch audio attachment to the test by launching Netflix on my iPad 2 and loading the most recently played item in my queue, The Pink Panther. I could feel little Inspector Jacques Clouseau rolling his smooth nasal french R's! I was surprised at the difference in the sound clarity with and without the iWOW. It was easy to experiment with since the gadget has a handy little "wow me!" on/off button. Off to a bigger sound experience...I plug my Skull Candy Smokin' ear buds into the iWoW on iPhone, launch episode 12 of Heroes and absorb the theme song resonating through my body. I am so immersed that I don't hear my doorbell ringing and my girlfriend has to text me to get my attention...Oops. The setup took me less than 5 minutes and was as simple as downloading a free app, powering down and then back on, plugging the slinky little iWOW gadget into the 30 pin connector at the base of my iPad and connecting the head phones to the iWOW. I hooked it up to my iPod and iPhone 3GS with the same ease and was equally thrilled with the sound. The free SRS iWOW App offers advanced settings to control audio preferences like Wide Surround (wallowing in it!), Deep Bass or High Treble and you can enable all or just one to create your own audio pleasure. Lilly Allen droned with fuller apathy and Massive Attach was a beyond trippy! The iWOW gives a nice boost to on-the-go listening experiences and has a permanent place in my purse alongside my earbud pouch. Better yet, it works great with my Gigaware headphone splitter so I can share the experience whether it be a movie, some music or a great audiobook.