If “He’s Just Not that Into You”, TiVO can help

I am a sucker for relationships and love, it is in the crab in me, so you could imagine the excitement when I received the opportunity to read about TiVO’s new campaign: TURN ON THE LOVE The TiVO Premiere is the “world’s first Smart DVR” that can stream music, movies, shows and web videos, in addition to recording your favorite TV shows, and even suggesting what you should be recording based on what you have been already.

How can this heat up your love life?

TiVO conducted a survey, asking TiVo, cable DVR and non-TiVo and non-DVR users questions about the quantity and quality of time they spend with their honeys, and what they found out is that TiVO is the new Doctor of Love. To read more about the survey: TiVo Date Night In Sweepstakes - TiVo

According to the survey, 86% of TiVo users spend at least one hour a night plus weekends snuggles up next to their significant others opposed to just 75% of non-TiVo users. TiVO users even admitted that bringing the TiVO box has heated up the home, even in the bed. It could be due to more nights staying in, which I must add that staying in means less money being spent, and in a recession that can lead to less time fighting and more time for romance, with TiVO.

TiVO linked up with Greg Bernhardt, relationship expert, comedian and author of He’s Just Not Into You (the self-help book the movie was based on), to offer the dos and don’ts of using technology to improve the love meter. He offers: “With any relationship, you each have your own favorites when it comes to music, television or movie preferences. If your significant other loves "Grey's Anatomy" and you can't miss a Lakers game, TiVo helps you find a middle ground to build a collection of both your favorites. This way no one misses what they want to watch and both parties are happy.”

TiVO is celebrating Turn on the Love by hosting the TiVO Date Night Sweepstakes. One lucky winner will receive a prize pack that consists of a TiVo Premiere DVR; one year of free TiVo service; one TiVo wireless G network adapter; flowers from 1-800-Flowers.com delivered to the winner’s significant other valued at $100; and a $100 gift certificate to Restaurant.com for the couple’s romantic dinner. Those interested in improving their relationship with TiVo Premiere can enter for a chance to win at facebook.com/tivo.

HURRY!! Sweepstakes ends May 31, 2011 but if you want, you can just get it on your own. Check out TiVO’s website TiVo product information - TiVo