TomTom GO 2535 M Live

Being late to events suck - but missing keynote being given by the CEO of a company is worst...that was my Wednesday night. Thankfully, Mike and I arrived to TomTom's event just in time to still receive a demo on their latest technology. I have been out of the GPS devices for a while, solely depending on my Sprint phone, and now, thankfully my Blackberry. While I hate having to carry two phones, and started using my phone to avoid having to carry a GPS, I am making the switch. Tomorrow.

I hate the lousy directions my phone gives me, or its temperament - one day it works, one day it goes on strike, etc. The way TomTom's device was described to me was that it would be a smart GPS, no longer obtaining intervaled updates, well, wait, they are still coming in intervals, but now they're coming in every 2 minutes! That's pretty quick, and pretty useful if you're driving in a city around rush hour, or in LA where congestion is a norm.

Some of its features are its bluetooth capability, which I like because i only wear a bluetooth in the car, so why not allow my hair to not get messed up, or my ear to get numb from something uncomfy. It's LIVE services come active for a year, so you'll get to know where fuel is the cheapest (and maybe even if its worth driving out that day considering how high prices are going) and you'll get to search using, love, love it!

I haven't unboxed it yet - when I got home it was too late to do it and my little sister refused to allow me to open it in my home, she said I must do it in my car, to then use it - so I will. The glass screen is 5.0, it has a magnetic base, is touch screen, lasts about 3 hours per charge...etc...etc...

The one thing I want to note is that this device gets smarter each time you use it. What I mean by that is that it will capture your driving information, and if you approve, will use that information to improve their routes. An interesting site they showed us optimized routes - by using their Route Planner you can plan a trip on a specific day and hour, and know what route to take. I tested out what route it would give me from my home, to my job, because I work in South Jersey and one of the worst routes to get on is Route-1 and its the one it recommended! I told TomTom's folks I would put it to the test so I can't wait to have to drive to my client's office. I will definitely update the world on how it works! As a skeptic, I need to see the 'smarts' LIVE - like they suggest.

I came home with a goody bag, and a new toy to play, but the highlight of my night, besides smelling the yummy sliders at the rooftop of the Empire Hotel, was chatting it up with one of TomTom's own, Tim Roper, and while I regret not grabbing a business card, I'll never forget how easy-going and how phonetically pleasing his subtle British accent was...I almost missed it until he said "literally and please take the italics to mean very, freaking awesome sounding. We were chatting with their cute PR girl, and man, we spoke about everything. He even told me to go to London because you know I had to tell him how awesome his accent was. He said I'd be a 'hit'. Going anywhere outside of the US is nice - when you're surrounded by people who don't look like you, you become exotic - try it!

I have a new appreciation for GPS devices, outgoing public relations personnel, TomTom's employees and their ability to woo a room and work a crowd...and also, while not yet confirmed, the road trips I'll take this summer. Thanks TomTom! I have never been so excited to drive into the middle of nowhere!

(it's priced at $349 - but if it really does provide the HD traffic updates it suggests, because time = money, it'll save you all the time you need to make it worth it...wait for the real review!)