Microsoft Studio Series: Artist Edition Wireless Mice - new designs

Last night I attended a Microsoft event where they showcased 5 new premier, international artists they partnered with to make the wireless mouse even more attractive. These artists created these six beautiful pieces of art and Microsoft transformed them to be on your desktop, or at your fingertips, on their cute wireless mouses. The five artists are Kirra Jamison (Australia), Matt Moore (Maine), Linn Olofsdotter (Sweden), Mike Perry (Brooklyn) and Jonny Wan (UK). I fell in love with their Australian artist because her use of watercolors and pencil, as described by Microsoft's Young Soo Kim (an Industrial Design Manager). It reminded me of my childhood, and my many attempts of being a painter with my watercolors.

My second favorite was Matt Moore's unique designs - he had a very colorful painting, that just llowed me to daydream into another land. Jonny Wan's was quite interesting to look at because he was all about symmetry, repetition, while including cultural facial expressions, so imagine a hieroglypic-looking masterpiece, and thats as close as you come. Linn Olofsdotter's art was Wendy's favorite because she said it reminded her of her scuba diving pictures, where you would see some blue, and then coral with such vibrant colors - in Linn's case, instead of coral there were exquisite flowers. Last but not least was Brooklyn's own Mike Perry - Mr.Doodles as I called him, who created such cool artwork, that I wasn't surprised when I saw the clients he's worked with - Apple, Target, Mac, etc.

Artists attended the event as well and Zenia and Wendy each got their own personalized mice! I'll let them show you their images.

(Oh, before I forget, Sony Vaio's clutch-like laptop was there making a special experience - I fell a little deeper than what most call LOVE - it's beautiful!!!!!)