Every Girl Needs One Good Reason to Get "Smart"

[Why I really got my iPhone] I would like to tell you that I am a sexy slinky trendsetter and that as a strategy consultant I toted the latest tech toys, but frankly, I liked to keep my technology simple....and cheap. In late 2009, I was a flip phone kind of girl. I saw no valid reason for spending a few hundred dollars on an iPhone (which I perceived to be a delicate toy) just to integrate my iPod with my phone. That is... until our doctor opened my eyes.... It was a typical Friday evening and I was with my husband and two kids at IKEA shopping for lighting fixtures when suddenly my two year old sprouted red bumps, purple welts and white pustules all over his body. He was literally covered from head to toe within 5 minutes and it was worsening by the moment. He had been recently diagnosed with Asthma and we were borderline panicking about his semi-responsiveness. We called the pediatrician who told us to strip him bare, circle each bump and blemish with a ball point pen to see if they were growing and to send her pictures immediately. Send her pictures?

The pediatrician said that if we could send her photos of the outbreaks, she could determine if we needed to proceed to the emergency room (oh no, long hours exposed to goodness-knows-what...and the cost!) or hold off for a morning office visit (ahh!!). If we could take a video of my son's chest rising and falling, then the doctor could determine if his breathing was impacted as well. Ok, great, good idea! My flip phone took photos, although I couldn't send them...but video, no way. Our solution to avoiding that ER visit was to rush home, take photos and videos with our digital camera, use the card scanner to upload them to the laptop and attach them to an e-mail. It took over two hours from outbreak to verdict: come into the office.

The next morning, we went straight from the pediatrician's office to the AT&T store around the corner and bought iPhones for the family while our comfortably medicated son dozed in his stroller. The next time (and there were many more 'next times' that winter) we had a major kiddie health concern, we shot the video and sent the link straight from our phones to the doctor in a matter of seconds. Some of those visits ended in over-the-counter meds and bed rest, two resulted in ER visits.

Over time, I accumulated quite a wealth of health info right on my phone, on hand during visits with specialists and available to provide context to the scribble-written faxed medical records. I now have private ''playlists' for each of our children on YouTube.com and google health accounts to manage health records...all accessible from my phone. We use short videos I shoot with my phone to provide documentation of my son's progress with his various treatments and therapies.

Did I like the way the iPhone and its sleek oh-so-pink case looked as I whipped it out to answer a call, the ping of a text message or check my e-mail? Oh yeah! Did I somehow feel sexier and more sophisticated as I touch-screen dialed and googled-on-the-go? Truthfully, yes...but would I have paid for that alone? No, I would rather have purchased another pair of leather boots. Do I use the productivity tools, manage my social networking, time my meditation, tickle Robi the Robot and play Angry Birds on my iPhone?....umm yeah...now that I am hooked, but better text messaging, a touch screen and cool apps didn't get reel me in. Seeing that the 'toy' was a 'tool' to being an more effective mom is what sealed the deal for me.