Earth Day 2011

Today is earth day and over the past day or so I have been able to play with two products from Belkin to help you save energy and be green, and also learned about a Wind Turbine that you can put together yourself in your own backyard. The first of the two Belkin Products I was able to test out was the Belkin Conserve Socket. What is it? I wasn't sure at first either when I heard the name, but its a socket with a timer. Basically it shuts power off to what ever device is plugged into it after 30, 180 or 360 minutes. Essentially it turns your wall socket into the perfect charging socket. Your cell phone, iPad or what ever mobile device you have can typically fully charge in less than 3 hours.

But when you charge those devices now they continue to drain power even if they are fully charged when they are plugged-in. So what the Conserve Socket does is shuts off the flow of power to your device saving you money and energy, it also prevents your battery in your mobile device from being over used and can potentially increase the battery life-span. It's a pretty cool greendevice. The Conserve Socket will cost you $9.99 but I am sure it will pay for itself faster than you think.

The second device from Belkin was the Conserve Smart AV. It is a surge protector that auto shuts down your appliances. The Conserve Smart AV is the perfect companion for your Entertainment Center and even computer system.

The Conserve Smart AV will protect your equipment from electrical surges but it will also protect your wallet from that equipment that tends to use electricity when they are not in use. I am using it in my home office, I have my desktop plugged into the Master Plug and my printer, scanner, monitor and external Hard drive plugged into the outlets the Master Plug controls. When I power down the desktop the Conserve Smart AV powers down everything else!

It also works great with your entertainment center by shutting down your Blu-ray player, Xbox 360 and Wii when you power off the television. Just a FYI if you use it for your entertainment system, don't plug your TiVo or Cable Box into the outlets controlled by the Master Plug as those devices can take forever to boot up. I learned that the hard way. Why TiVo takes 10 - 15 minutes to boot up is beyond me. The Conserve Smart AV will cost you $29.99.

Belkin offers two other devices aimed at helping you save energy, the Conserve Valet which is similar to the Conserve Socket but for USB devices and the Conserve Insight which helps you monitor how much energy you are using. I didn't get to try those two devices out but they seem cool, I especially like the idea of knowing how much energy my electronics use.

For more info on those Belkin Products Visit:

Earlier this week, Michael from who covers events for us stumbled upon a company called Urban Green Energy.

Urban Green Energy is a company based in New York City WOOHOO!!!! I am a New Yorker. Urban Green Energy makes wind turbines which they call EDDY's. These turbines you can install yourself with the help of 2 other people in your own back yard or roof of your home. They are supposedly super quite and vibrate very little so they are sure not to disturb your neighbors or damage your home. They also look kind futuristic which I think is cool. If I didn't live in an Apartment I would definitely see about getting one of these. Click here to see a video of an eddy in action.

They even have an EDDY that would allow you to sell energy to the energy company. Can you imagine a negative balance on your con-ed bill?

That's it for our earth day post be sure to check out the Belkin Products and the EDDY's from Urban Green Energy. I hope you all have a great day and be green!