I Love the Blackberry Playbook

This past Thursday, I and fellow Hardwaregeeker, Michael Reyes, was invited to the Blackberry Playbook Launch Party.... RIM.... THANK YOU for an amazing event

So, I just finished playing with the New Blackberry Playbook for the past 3 hours. I wish I had another one to make a video of it. I will get around to posting one up in the next couple of days (need to get Fancy for the camera).

So in the mean time I will make this short and straight to the point....

First thing I have to say is.... HELLO FLASH WEBSITES!!

The Playbook supports Adobe Flash and the loading speed in awesome!!! just as good as my laptop (using my home network).

With dimensions of 5.1-inches tall, 7.6-inches wide and 0.4-inches thick and weighing 0.9 lbs, it definitely has a smaller feel than its main competitor.

It offers a 1024 x 600 screen resolution and a mutlicaptive touch screen (was easily playing Beethoven's Fur Elise with both hands on the piano app that I downloaded.)

I was taking pictures and video with its 3 MP high-definition forward-facing camera and 5 MP high-definition rear-facing camera and the clarity is superb, especially with the video playback that I heard through the speakerphones.

It has Micro USB and Micro HDMI ports to be able to connect it to a display screen (**cough cough** watch hulu on TV, please APPWORLD, get us a Netflix app!!).

It runs on a 1Ghz dual core processor and 1 GB of Ram. Grouped with the Blackberry Tablet OS, this is great with being able to run multiple applications and being able to navigate between screens/applications with the ease of just a SWIPE!

Blckberry phone users: You are able to bridge your Blackberry Device to the Playbook to access your calendar, email, BBM, files and other data on your phone. I emailed RIM to ask one important question, if through the Bridge Connection can you access the internet? Can you bbm from the playbook if you are not connected to a network? I am waiting on their response! So Blackberry users, think of this as a second, bigger and funner screen to acces your Blackberry. At the moment, it was not able to support my Blackberry Torch but as soon as they release it, hopefully you guys will let me know before I let you know (wink wink)

Setuo was easy, but not so quick since it automatically detected a software update in which I had to wait oh SO PATIENTLY a good 4-5 minutes to play with my new toy. It starts you off with a quick tutorial how to navigate through menus, as I remembered the first time I played with it a couple of weeks ago when Blackberry first showcased it, was a little difficult to find out how, but once you learn it, its so easy my not so tech savvy dad can do it.

In conclusion (need to come to an end to stay true to my short and simple), the Blackberry Playbook is an amazing tablet, with a great touchscreen and sleek look and design. Two things I can't wait for is to accesorize it and download apps that I'm sure will grow over the next few weeks.

When can you get the Playbook? APRIL 19th!!! at a Blackberry retailer, including Best Buy, which you can pre-order there now. April 19th April 19th April 19th....