What does IBM mean to you?

A little embarrassing fact that I have is that I didn't know what IBM meant until I was in their training class during the summer of 2005...don't tell anyone... (It stands of International Business Machines btw)

Prior to joining IBM whenever I thought about it, not that I did it often, it was often due to being at a checkout counter and seeing IBM on their machines...oh yea - computers...those darn IBM computers were everywhere! I'm sure a ton of things come to mind when you think of IBM - in the case that it is only computers, check out this amazing video that captures all the ways IBM has changed the world we live in.

This video was created to celebrate IBM's 100th year...now what does IBM mean to YOU? Today, when I hear IBM all I get reminded of is to THINK...gotta love it!

(It was the slogan TJ Watson created, way back in 1911...if my plan to marry rich comes true, this will be my wedding favor-we all need this reminder)