Yurbuds, A Runner's and Fit-Geek's Dream

While in Vegas for the CES conference this past Janurary, I was introduced to Yurbuds. I'm not a tri-athlete...yet, but I do try to exercise on a regular basis so naturally, I was very excited to test these out. Plus I'm always looking for the best and newest headphones.

What do you get when you buy Yurbuds? ·   Yurbuds Ironman Series Earphones - Fitted with red yurbuds – Light style ·   Extra red yurbuds – Intense style ·   Red Ironman nylon carrying case – Zippered pouch ·   Ironman trading cards - Inspirational stories of personal triumph ·   Quick-Start guide – Installation and care instructions

When I first opened them up, I immediately noticed the soft plastic that they're made of. It's for extra soft comfort! :D I used the Quick-Start guide to see how to use them, its a small card that shows a pictorial view of how to angel the headphones into your ears. At first I thought, "man these are too big for me, I'll never like them." Half a song into my jog, I forgot they were there. I'm not even exaggerating! It was like I was in my own little music room! They didn't move, I could hardly feel them, they were plain amazing.

Since I tend to be a skeptic, I had to keep using them to see if my satisfaction wasn't a fluke. I am happy to report that as of today, I have used the Yurbuds  over 20 times while running, resistance training, elliptical-ing, and for general activities (work). Only during one of my workouts did one of the ear-buds shift and I had to adjust it.

Now I can't imagine working out without these. I have always been an ear-bud  kind of girl because they're the most comfortable while exercising but sometimes they tend to fall out and Yurbuds don't and that makes me very happy. (oh! and they don't hurt)

The acoustics are really good as well. They help me focus on my workout and not the person on the machine beside me. They make your music sound great and help to tune out the outside world by just the perfect amount.

Another thing to mention, I truly love the cord material. Its soft, pliable and doesn't get kinky no matter which way you roll, wrap, or tangle it. Which is more than I can say about all of my previous headphones. The little zippered pouch is convenient to throw into a bag too.

Yurbuds - Ergonomically Brilliant Ultra-Soft Comfort and Extreme Fit Guarantee Richer Acoustics Bluetooth® Devices (Enhancers are  compatible with Jawbone® ICON & Jawbone® Prime headsets) Universal Compatibility Designed by a Triathlete Sweat Proof

You can get a pair of the Ironman Performance Raising Yurbuds for $49.99.

Check out Yurbuds and their other products on their website. Free shipping when you purchase from www.yurbuds.com and use the code CUTEGEEK at checkout!

Forewarning, you'll never go back to your other earphones/earbuds/headphones!!

YurBuds are available for purchase for $49.99 at Amazon.com and BestBuy.com

One last thing: Our own Cutegeek Radiris wore her Yurbuds during a 10k race in Puerto Rico just this past weekend! Congrats to her!