Web Wednesday - RobWilson.tv & MarchMoneyMadness.net

In lieu of exhibiting just one website today, we decided to do two because they go hand in hand. The first one is RobWilson.tv - this is a website that uses various forms of technology to bring you the latest and greatest (most applicable) financial advice. Why? Because everyone is filing their taxes, receiving their tax refunds and then throwing their money away. Rob Wilson knows something most of us don't...MONEY. Check out his website for weekly financial segments, taken from a local Pittsburgh television station-KDKA. The other website is MarchMoneyMadness.net - in his own words, Rob says "In an effort to use the popularity of sports to teach people about finance, investing and the stock market, I've created a new online competition called March Money Madness. It works just like filling out a bracket for the NCAA Tournament, only instead of using 64 college basketball teams, I use 64 stocks! The stocks are matched up in a bracket and the "game" between the two stocks occurs during one week in the actual stock market. The stock with the highest return during that week wins the "game" and so on until a winner is crowned. Players can register on the website and play against all of the other players or they can set up a smaller private competition amongst their friends. Last year I did a pilot of the program and it worked very well. I even gave away an iPad!"

Rob knows all the tricks, tools, and things we need to do to make sure we don't end up broke and unable to retire. Rob Wilson is an alumni from the University of Pittsburgh & Carnegie Mellon University and is a financial advisor for professional athletes and entertainers (@ Blazer Capital). He is also a very good friend of mine and the financial guru in my life. He uses technology in a variety of ways, from having his own website, providing financial advice on TV and also through other channels. Check out both of these sites to learn a lil' (or a lot) about finance!

I don't think we'll ever know enough about money-how to make it, how to keep it, and how to make it grow once we've saved enough...We look forward to hearing more from you on CuteGeek. Got any advice for women in general - since some of us shop like crazy?!