Web Wednesday: TheBump.com

While I personally believe that watching too much television will eat your brain away, I truly feel that having the internet will make you smarter. Thanks to search engines, I am able to find absolutely everything I don't know, by simply inputting a couple of search words. If you're using Google.com you don't even need to put the correct spelling - it'll know what you mean :) A very special person in my life is currently expecting, and while I am not a parent, or expecting, this wonderful site has come in handy. TheBump.com is also one of the main reasons why I've slept so little this week. Talk about there being A LOT to know about babies and such. Sheesh! I'm not even the one expecting and I'm overwhelmed! I wanted to showcase this website because as a 'techie site written by women - for women and those that love them' - this is a site that should be bookmarked. It has a plethora of useful information regarding getting pregnant, what happens when you're expecting, baby shower planning (why I'm on the site every single day - it provides a lot of good links), and other important information regarding the growth of your baby inside the womb and after its arrived.

If you're familiar with TheKnot.com - they are behind this site, so the format of the site mirrors the knot. I love this site. Check it out and tell your lady friends, or those who love them. We never know enough, and its never too early to start prepping for the future. Good luck to all the preggos in the world!