Google Chrome Snuck Into My Life!

Earlier today I accidentally opened my Mozilla Firefox browser. I say accidentally because ever since I downloaded Google Chrome, I have primarily used that and ONLY that. The only exception would be when a website looks all funky in Chrome I will open Explorer (because it's the default and I've learned from experience that it will look best in those situations). Chrome is soooooooo fast, and if you need a reminder of how fast it really is, click on your Mozilla or IE shortcut. Test it out!

I use the Proxy Switchy plug-in to manage and switch from personal, work and client proxies, and...SURPRISE it works! I also have the Foxy Proxy plug-in on Mozilla which is designed to automatically detect which connection you are using and then it changes the proxy accordingly...or at least that is the theory. It works, but not all the time and I have gotten so frustrated with fixing the settings that I have moved away from using Firefox.

I like the "New Tab" page and how it displays the website you frequent most, and the most recent closed tabs (this way if you restart you don't have to worry about where you found those amazing shoes after web browsing 2 hours, I kid I kid).

Google Chrome has changed my web influenced life.

Since the browser has been out for quite some time, do you use it? What's your favorite feature?