Toshiba Satellite M645

It have spent approximately two months with this beauty and I love love love it. I wanted to review the things that make this laptop special and different from all the rest out on the market. The notebook itself is small but it has one powerful set of speakers! Thank you Harman/kardon and dobly advanced audio. I like to stay entertained and when you live by yourself it's nice to have some background noise.  With this laptop it's less noise and more sound (yes corny but true). I like to listen to music while I am cooking but lack the counter space to have it in the kitchen. With this laptop it doesn't matter because I can hear it from the other room and the sound is not distorted!

Next, let's talk about the HDMI port. I had a small problem playing my yoga DVD at first, but after a little fidgeting I had no problems at all! The laptop is very user friendly and by pressing the function button down along with F5 you get numerous options for displaying your screen on your TV. Let me tell you, it is MUCH easier to follow a yoga DVD when you can actually see what the person is doing. I was slacking on my yoga until I plugged the HDMI into this laptop.  (You'd think I had a working DVD player like a normal person but alas, I do not)  Also, this is great for playing shows off of websites or displaying pictures for the family to see. Did I mention this comes with a built in Blu-ray player?

I also used skype for a few work meetings, the sound, again, was perfect.  I even managed to use the built in camera to catch a scrub-muffin picture of myself hard at work!

The sleep and charge function on the laptop is yet another great feature. I can charge my phone without having to hunt down the wall plug for my phone!

The SD port in the front is very fast and convenient considering it is a standard used by most cameras and we live in the age where we all tend to be obsessed with photos and capturing those memorable moments.

Overall, the notebook is fast, portable and the brightness of the screen is nowhere short of amazing. The only thing I missed about my personal laptop where my saved bookmarks. ;-)

I call the Toshiba Satellite M645 Cutegeek approved.

The M645 starts at $729.99, check out the available models here.