CES 2011

Boy oh boy! CES is far from being the coolest, largest, consumer electronics show...what they failed to tell everyone is that it's the most tiring! We have walked more than any person should - best part is that I've been tracking my steps and one day I had over 23,000 - oh man, even as a New Yorker that's a lot! Each night I literally crawled back into my bed (tonight I'll do the same, although Sylwia & I gave up partying in Vegas to recoup), moaning and groaning, limping, thinking about all the cool stuff we should write about...but then I fall asleep...We'll be updating CuteGeek.com with some of our favorite things from CES. Until then, be patient, get your rest on, and be thankful your feet do not need surgery. (Oh & I didn't even dare wear cute shoes - only comfy ones.)

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