Girls Out Loud Episode 23: Where we Deeply Explore Facebook Ads

This week on the Girls Out Loud show, Maya and Cristina discuss that whopping $50B Facebook valuation due to the new Goldman Sachs investment. Somehow it evolves into a discussion about Facebook ads, something Maya works with every day. Needless to say, there could be some improvements made. We then discuss the Consumer Electronics Show taking place in Vegas to see if it's really as great as it once was. Brand new Apple iPad 2 casing was shown off at the event which seems to be the only highlight we could spot. The Mac App Store was released this week to many awaiting fans, some of whom were disappointed in the new model for desktop software. Take a listen and enjoy the show!
Goldman customers get Facebook financials

If Facebook is Worth $50B, Apple is Worth $1.4T

The Most Worthless Week in Tech

iPad 2 case shows up at CES, packing a mockup iPad 2

Apple’s Mac App Store Opens for Business

Why the Mac App Store Sucks

*image via Facebook's Brand Permissions Center

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