Brilliant Women in Technology: Meet Hailey Bright

Happy New Year Cute Geeks! Meet our first brilliant woman of 2011 - Hailey Bright!! Meet our -Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background?

I grew up in Tennessee and I’m a total Southern girl. I love fried food, boating on the lake, and playing cards on a Sunday afternoon. I love dance, art, and running. I grew up playing old school video games like Mario and Duck Hunt. My brother and I spent hours playing Mario when it first came out. We were totally obsessed!

-How did you get started in technology, or at your current position?

Growing up I was always interested in tech and computer stuff. I’m like the go-to girl that all of my friends call when they have tech questions or their computer breaks down. Then, 3 years ago I started hosting Coin-Op TV Live (, an internet tv show about video games and tech. Since then I have been hosting a lot of different shows on video games and tech. Currently I am hosting a monthly tech series for Toshiba on their latest tech gadgets hitting the market. It’s a ton of fun getting paid to geek out all day!! -Describe a “normal” day in your life.

A normal day in my life usually starts with a diet coke for breakfast and on a fun day I might add in a candy bar. I love snickers! Then, I usually head to filming or auditions. Except right now, I am producing and starring in a new web series called “Supremium” (@SupremiumShow on Twitter), so I have been working with my producing partner Robert Welkner on that. In the evening, I typically meet up with friends for dinner, dancing, or video gaming! My latest obsession lately has been walking to Redbox and grabbing a flick to watch!

-What’s your favorite aspect of working in technology?

I love cutting edge stuff, and working in tech. I always like to get a first-hand look at new gadgets before they hit the market.

-What have been some of your challenges you faced, and how did you tackle or overcome them?

The biggest challenge I faced when moving to LA was staying true to myself, because there are a lot of people telling you to do a lot of things in this city. I told myself that I would not “sell out” or be someone I wasn’t just to get a role or a part. Knowing myself and sticking to my gut instinct has helped me to become the woman I am today.

-Have you ever felt like you needed to hide your femininity or that fact that you were a female?

No, being a strong woman can get you very far in the world.

-What advice do you have for females interested in getting into your field?

Just do it! You will never be more young, single, and beautiful than you are today! Always pursue your dreams, so you don’t have to look back later on in life and say “What if…?”

-What’s one gadget you can’t live without?

I definitely can’t live without my iPhone!! I’m always updating twitter, texting, or downloading new apps! I love iPhone apps! Especially, my Flixster, Urban Daddy, and Redbox apps! And, the Sonic the Hedgehog game on the iPhone is sick!

-Do you have a personal ‘mantra’ or certain words you live by?

“Live, Laugh, Love”…Sums up my life in just a few words.

-And lastly, what drives you?

My drive is made up of 3 things: God, Family, and Friends. These things keep me going every single day!