Free Android App to Help Track & Reach New Year's Resolutions - “New Year’s Buzzer™”

A lot will be happening when January 1st finally arrives-the first two that come to mind are partying and writing down New Year's resolutions. New Year's resolutions are the mother of all To-Do-Lists. They are the most important, yet tend to be overlooked after a couple of weeks. Losing weight, saving money, doing-this, doing-that - the list goes on and on. Iconosys, Inc. - a company committed to developing and bringing us first of kind technologies, created this app “New Year’s Buzzer™” to encourage good health via daily affirmations, a tool to help you see your progress to ensure you reach your resolutions and also the opportunity to connect to a positive social network. Similar to New Year's resolutions, “New Year’s Buzzer™” is commited to helping you become a better you. If you have an Android phone, download it, give it a try and let me know what you think ( - With all of these apps in the market and me without an Android, I think I'll finally commit to get one.

The App

As we all embark on this New Year, I hope it is better than your last, and better than you could've ever hoped and imagined, ultimately because you have become a better person, in whichever way you define that.

I also wish you health & love, because with those two things so many great things can happen.

Happy Holidays everyone.