Favorite Website of the Week: Amazon.com (Mom Club & Subscribe & Save)

You don't have to be a mom - read it before scrolling down... I do a lot of shopping on Amazon.com - simply because the shipping is usually free on so many of the items that I buy (books, kid stuff, etc). Well, this week, as I did some last minute shopping I came across Amazon.com/mom. Despite not being a mom, I have many children in my life and having 'someone' offer gift ideas, or give me special 'sales' tailored for children or parents seemed really cool.

You can sign up to join this 'club' for free and the best part is...YOU GET ONE FREE YEAR OF AMAZON PRIME...You don't have to be a mom or dad - you just need to have some children in your life.
It means you no longer have to buy $25 bucks worth of stuff to get (slow) free shipping, you'll get free 2 day shipping all the time...for free.

Even if you don't shop on Amazon.com a lot - it's a great deal. You have nothing to lose, and a whole lot of nothing to spend.

One last thing - if you buy certain items on a frequent basis, you can 'subscribe & save'. This special (beta) service gives you an extra 15% off your items when you sign up...if you're a parent you know diapers will be on your list, for all others - toilet paper is something you shouldn't live with...what are you waiting for!? Set up the frequency & enjoy the savings/free shipping :)