Favorite Website of the Week: SeatQuest.com

There’s this new site called SeatQuest.com (think Kayak.com + TicketMaster.com). Think of it as the batman of websites, coming to you strong, as it tries to fight off the overpriced ticketing industry. Cute right? If you want tickets to your favorite basketball team, or to the ballet, or to a concert – here is your site! SeatQuest.com Well, if you’ve ever bought tickets on StubHub.com, or TicketMaster.com – you know about those annoying service fees that pretty much increase according to how expensive the tickets are…well, if you’ve shopped on Kayak.com – you’ve seen the different airline prices, and the different sites they’re available on – well, if you merged the two, you would have SeatQuest.com.

Similar to Kayak.com, SeatQuest.com provides a real-time search component, giving you the opportunity to compare prices, while also showing you how much you could potentially SAVE. SeatQuest.com does not have inflated service fees or hidden charges at check-out. They have a standard 10% service fee – when compared to other sites, it’s not that bad. Actually, they are sooooo great that in an effort to get you to check them out they are WAIVING ALL SERVICE FEES FOR A YEAR (if and only if you sign up through your Facebook account – while it sounds tricky, I promise they won’t spam you're wall. They will post one, showing you signed up, but that’s it. It’s just an easy way of getting the ‘word’ out)…Free…No Service Fees…

I’m not sure if it can get better than that.

Darnit! I lied… It can!

Don’t you hate when you’re on the ‘hunt’ for some great seats – but you have no idea what ‘great’ seats are, so you try to imagine this arena…but then you realize that you really can’t…seatquest.com improves this by giving you a 3-D estimated view of the seat location via custom-built venue maps for each event.

Check it out!