Who wants some Buckyballs!

CuteGeek is giving away some BUCKYBALLS! These are those cool magnetic balls that you have probably seen on TV. You can create all sorts of things with Buckyballs. We are giving away 3 sets and each set has 216 balls. Watch the video to see what you can do with BuckyBalls.

To win one of the three sets we are giving away just comment below telling us why you want them. We will then put all of your names into a BOX shake it up a few times and have some cute little kid pull your name out (actually we will use some computer software that selects names at random). To enter you can live anywhere you want as long as its in the US of A. Sorry our international friends :(

HardwareGeeks.com is also giving away 3 sets enter there too. But don't be greedy if you win here and win there let us know so someone else can win.

If you don't win :( use coupon code "cutegeek" at www.getbuckyballs.com for 15% off your purchase. Entries must be in by 3am EST 12/4/2010.