Black Friday: Are you ready?

Ladies!  Black Friday is only hours away.  Some stores are opening at 3 am, can you believe it?  I woke up one year to go to Kohl's at 5am, I'm not even sure why.  I didn't have a list of things to get, I didn't research what was on sale, I just flew by the seat of my pants and went.  I thought it would be fun?  You are an amateur if you go shopping on BlackFriday without a list, at least that is what I've been told. :) Don't be like are some resources to get you prepared for all the hoopla:

If you haven't gone to yet, go there now.  You will find the sale fliers for almost any store your little heart can dream off.  Check out the stores with the best deals before you go, that way you don't have to run around on black Friday.  If you are not one for long lines and crowds, the website also has a section listing online deals!

Best Shopping Applications for Android and iPhone (c/o Lifehacker):

For Android: Shop Savvy: Scan a bar-code, see which local stores carry the product and allows you to create wish lists!  Best part is, when you choose the store you wish to purchase the item from the app gives you the store's information and directions on how to get there.

Dealmap: Shows you the best deals (daily deals, top deals) for eating and shopping in your area.

Check out more top shopping apps for the Android here.

For iPhone: Coupon Sherpa: Search for coupons! It's as easy as that.  You can make a list of favorite's for later use.  The app displays the coupon bar-code right on your phone to use at the check-out, GENIUS I tell you! (If you like this app as much as I do, go to one of my favorite websites for online shopping coupons and codes.)

Shopper: This app offers a multitude of features, not only does it let you scan bar-codes, it forms comprehensive shopping lists and even tracks your budget (say it with me *ouch*).  It is useful for grocery shopping , warns consumers of recalls (awesome!) and tracks coupons.  An all-inclusive app and it will set you back $1 (wonder if it will track that in your budget ;) just kidding)

Check out more shopping apps for the iPhone here.

What are your black Friday shopping secrets?  Please share them with us, every girl loves a sale...but I think we love shopping secrets more!