The CuteGeek 2010 Holiday Gift Guide-Top 3 Stocking Stuffers

Sometimes you don't need to go all out with a gift that costs $$$$ to show someone they're on your mind. I like gifts that are useful - that I will actually use and here are our thoughts on them. Our Top 3 Stocking Stuffers

  1. Open it This is the ultimate gift for anyone. This is a multi-purpose tool that allows you to cut, screw, open a bottle or use a box cutter. The reason I fell so in love with it is because it is only $12.59 and within minutes of receiving it I used it for a bunch of things. It’s great for opening packages, cutting open mail, screwing your computer, etc. It is the perfect tool to have in a kitchen or an office and it comes in green or orange.
  2. Speck Products I’m into accessories – cases, bags, etc. I want to be different but I also want to be cute. Speck makes spectacular accessories for everything. Last week they strutted their stuff at Pepcom’s Holiday event and I fell in love with the patterns, designs, bright colors, etc. They make the most durable, yet extremely attractive, accessories all to help you protect your most loved devices – iPad, MacBooks, iPhones, Smartphones, iPods, GPS devices, Hard Drives, Kindles, Laptops, etc.

Here is my favorite iPhone 4 case – do you like the cutegeek colors??

  1. Colorful Wii Wands by Nyko In college people told me it was a NYC thing to match – because my sneakers, belts, etc. would all match my shirt – well I haven’t grown out of that. I bought the Black Wii because it matched everything else but what I do love is the fact that there are colored controllers out there. This is the ultimate gift for a gamer that you have – that loves pink…or purple…or blue…Nyko makes Wii remotes in all the right colors to liven up your living or bedroom with some excitement. I personally have pink, purple, and black…the one that gets used the most are the colored ones, they always match my funky sheets.

Nyko controllers can be found on their website or on Amazon - for as low as $15.99.

Thanks for checking this out –stay tuned to some giveaways on our site…