The CuteGeek 2010 Holiday Gift Guide-Top 10 Gifts

The end of the year is around the corner and before we get there we have to give a little thanks, and also a bunch of gifts. Don't worry - if there's no cash there is always advice, hugs and smiles to give. Everyone can use a little bit of those sprinkled in their lives. The CuteGeeks have worked together to bring you some gift ideas for your loved ones. We have our top ten gifts, along with our top 3 stocking stuffers. Our 'brother' site also worked on a gift guide so if you're interested in reading what HardwareGeek recommends-definitely take a peek. We have marked gifts with (Double Geek) if they appear in both guides - just an fyi.

Happy Holidays - we hope you enjoy :) 10. Blinged out HP USB - HP c335w This may sound like a cruel joke – but I’ll try to get you to see why this would be a beautiful gift. Let’s say you’ve been dating someone for a while – a cute geek…and they’re always on the go, and need some external storage – either to store stuff or to easily transfer files between two computers – instead of buying her those pair of diamond earrings, buy her HP’s latest gold metal body, blinged out (it's really just a crystal-but looks just as nice) USB. It comes in a nice box and while I would be pretty pissed if I received one (a blank one that is) I would totally melt if it contained pictures, songs, or anything that the gift-giver and I shared. It’s all about being creative and making your loved ones feel special - here's your chance. Go for it! It was actually kind of hard to find online, or on the HP website, but I found it on this site - the 16 GB USB is about $41.

  1. Logitech's Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 & Microsoft's Arc Touch Mouse Logitech created a beautiful wireless keyboard to complement anyone’s home office or work office. The best part about it is its energy saving bonus – it’s solar powered! No wires, no charging, no drama! It can last up to 3 months without any light.

Microsoft’s sexy mouse, as I like to call it, is the latest in comfortable and portable mousing. I’m not even sure if that makes sense but the point is this mouse can lie completely flat, or bend in a shape to fit your hand. I loved the way it felt and could really see how it would complement anyone’s office, whether at home or on the road. Due to its portability, Microsoft has equipped this sexy lil' thang with the best technology so you can use it on any surface - no ands, ifs or buts. You can even scroll faster thanks to its touch scroll strip (the first of its kind).

These two items would be a good gift to give someone that is into saving space, or optimizing their work area. The keyboard is priced at $79.99 and the mouse is priced at $69.95 - but don't forget to take advantage of holiday savings.

  1. Digital Picture Frame The worst part about gifts is that sometimes people take them back, or you just want to give it back for whatever reason – the best part about memories is that they’re in your head, and no one can take those away. Your experiences are yours and yours only – that is why I love when someone gives me an experience as a gift, or maybe even capture a picture from that experience. A digital frame is an ideal gift to give someone that is into pictures, or someone you want to constantly remind about ______ - you fill in the blank. You can do so much with a frame, but again, here is an opportunity to personalize it and add pictures that you know will melt your cutegeek's heart. There are a lot of frames out there, and we only reviewed one – but this is Zenia's favorite pick - Insignia's 8'' LCD Digital Frame.
  2. A Smart Phone If you’re loved one is still using a vintage phone (anything other than a smart phone) it’s time to update her. Smart phones provide a lot of value to your life – from optimized texting, to email accessibility, to pictures on the go - it adds value, it all depends on how you use them though. This year we saw a plethora of smart phones hit the market and here are some of my top pics:
  • HTC EVO – large touch screen (no stylus). This was supposed to be the iPhone killer and has proven its success with the months and months of it being sold out. I haven’t heard one bad thing about this phone yet, and if you want to read what another guest CuteGeek-er had to say, click here.
  • Windows Phone 7 (Double Geek)– this social networking genius of a phone is just a beauty. It changes the way we do things, and makes taking pictures more than just a breeze – you can take them in a flash. Microsoft’s latest platform is.
  • Palm Pre 2 – HP’s newest baby is a bit sleeker than its older brother – the Palm Pre. It has a stackable feature which shows you a stack of the items you’re using. You can begin typing to start anything, instead of going through the menu to update your FB status. There’s a lot more to it that I can’t even put into words because I haven’t gotten my hands on one, but from our first encounter, and its updated screen – I can tell it’ll be another hit. (Prices weren't given because they tend to vary between phone companies and their current promotions)
    1. Fitbit The Although it’s tiny size – the Fitbit is the perfect gift for anyone who is active or who wants to become more active in their lives. It looks like a Bluetooth device, if you look at it very quickly, but it’s more of a massive, cool looking paper clip. The best way to describe the Fitbit is to say it is a very advanced pedometer. You wear it by clipping it anywhere on your body, preferably around your torso, because it captures the data better. It senses your movement, similar to the way a Wii remote does. It measures the amounts of steps you take, transforms it into distance, gets your sleep quality and lets you know how you’ve been performing. It also has a ‘Tamagachi’-like flower, that grows the more active you are, so if there is a day that you just don’t get out and walk, your flower will show its discontent as it withers before your eyes.

    $99 gets you the device and online access to a bunch of graphs and charts. An additional $49 gets you more features, some of them being the ability to create 12 week workout plans and it allows you to compare yourself to people in your demographic.
    The Fitbit is available here .

    1. External Hard Drives If you’re cutegeek is into media – music, pictures, videos, etc – there’s a good chance they’re either using up too much of their computers memory, or that their computer is running really slow from all of the files. Why not purchase them an external hard drive – to ensure they don’t lose their important data, all the while keeping their computer up to date with only the necessary items they need. One of my favorite hard drives is HP’s Simple Save. These hard drives are for the non-techie (although anyone can use them). They either back up all of your files, or allow you to designate which folders it should search in. it also automatically backs up and looks for new changes, or changed files, if attached to the device. It is very simple to use and affordable.

    Another favorite is Seagate’s FreeAgent Go.

    HardwareGeeks provides a good opinion in their gift guide HardwareGeek’s Holiday Gift Guide – they recommend a media hub.

    1. iPad (Double Geek) While the hype around Apple’s iPad caused some of us to cringe – I mean, it got A LOT of attention, it’s worth it. The iPad came at a perfect time where we have so many awesome gadget options to choose from that it said – don’t worry, we’ll make it easier for you. The iPad can be your computer on the go – comparable to a netbook because of its size. It can be your eBook Reader – with color pages. It’s like your iPhone, iTouch, i-Anything w/ Apps – you have the huge selection of applications available to pretty much do anything and everything in your life (remember = ‘there’s an app for that’…well there is, and an iPad brings them to your fingertips.) My favorite aspect about the iPad is its look. The iPad is one sexy beast of a toy. It’s sleek, chic, sexy – everything and the accessories make it even nicer. I envision myself wearing all black, shadow eye makeup, red heels, or maybe fishnet stockings and knee-high boots and then BAM – iPad in hand. Ugh - I’ve been yearning for one after having been surrounded by them in the airports, in Starbucks, everywhere.

    2. Canon PowerShot Elph (varying models are out there - I can guarantee they are all wonderful, buy what your budget permits - you will not be disappointed) The Canon PowerShot Elph (SD780-is the one I own) is my favorite gadget. While I have their 12 megapixel camera, their latest camera is 14. The camera takes pristine images, captures HD video, allows you to forget about its settings if you put it on auto-mode (it has built in ‘smart’ technology so it figures out the ideal setting). It is a compact camera so it’ll fit in a purse (even if it’s a small clutch) or in your pocket. I’ve taken my camera ziplining with me, over Costa Rica’s wilderness (I have the video to prove – email me if you want the link). I’ve taken pictures on top of mountains, on the beach, in the sunset, etc. Most of the pictures on my posts have also been taken with them. It definitely makes life look a little better. Available at most major retailers (Best Buy, Amazon, etc.) with pricing starting above $150 - the latest model is available at Walmart for only $179.

    3. We-Vibe The We-Vibe is an adult toy that can be used by all parties in the relationship. It is a small device that can fit anywhere, and be seen without causing any awkward moments because most people won’t know what it is. It is very comfortable to wear, use, clean and store. It is made from the best stuff on Earth (no, not like Snapple) but the materials are green, so if you’re into buying things like that – woohoo! To read more about it – click here. Available at multiple retailers - but the best deal on the web (with free shipping) is here - via

    drumroll please

    1. Microsoft's Kinect (Double Geek)
      Microsoft has succeeded at developing a product that can benefit the whole family and maybe even bring them together. The Kinect is a device that you use in conjunction with an Xbox ready device, which eliminates the need for a remote control (woohoo to remote-less gaming!).

    Some of the games we suggest are Dance Central (think karaoke for your body-they say "shake everything…except a controller. Because now…You are the controller"-awesome), Fitness Evolved (great way to learn how to workout – I say learn because it will tell you how well you are doing and will show you how to improve). I’ve used the Kinect a couple of times and can ensure a great gaming experience – you will definitely burn a couple of calories while playing any games.

    Thanks for checking this out –stay tuned to some giveaways on our site…