The Holidays Without The Internet

Due to the fact that I’m fairly new to the era of having a career and making more than minimum wage, I have to say that the internet has played too significant of a role in all of my holiday activities – by holidays I am only speaking of those that require the exchange of gifts. Valentine’s Day does not count in my eyes because it is an advertised holiday where people, usually men (shoot me for making that assumption), have to show their significant other how ‘much’ they love them, in the form of over-expensive flowers and a dinner that probably requires too long of a wait. People should show love everyday not when they are encouraged to do so by the Hallmark Gods. Back to my story – the internet has been apart of my gift-giving rituals because:

  1. I love to shop
  2. I shop too much
  3. Because I shop a lot, I need to save money
  4. I like buying thoughtful things

I am a member of Premium Outlets – the huge outlets that you see scattered across the US. As a member, you receive greater discounts which in turn means, more shopping, because you have more to spend. One amazing year, right after Thanksgiving dinner up in Middletown, NY – the family and I decided to trek our behinds to Woodbury Commons Outlet Mall – at midnight, because that is when it opened. This only ended in a breakfast at Denny’s 12 hours later – but let me tell youuuuu – those coupons came in handy. I saved tons of money.

Now with websites like – I never ever, ever buy anything online without checking if there is a coupon available. Although coupon cutting reminds me of little old ladies in the grocery stores, because they don’t require any cutting online coupons are the sh…I mean, they are the new fad. It’s cool to shop with coupons – and saving on those shipping costs makes you even cooler in my book.

Without the Internet I would not be made aware of specials in stores, or when items would become available. Like I mentioned before, I’m new to this whole gift-giving thing, although I’ve been doing it for years. Now that I’m an adult with children in my life, and by children I mean my wonderful godson Messiah – who I hope knows that I love him dearly with everything that I buy him because at the moment presents is all I can give – one day I’ll be able to give him my presence (which means much more than a gift), finding out what the coolest more educational toys are the most important in my book.

I love Toys"R"Us but honestly, you need to show me more than just some letters and numbers to get me to spend the big bucks for my baby boy – for example – the monster wooden truck set that I got him last year. I couldn’t have done it without that 20% coupon that I found via

Another thing I’m into is personalizing stuff – without the internet, I would never have been able to find the perfect money clip engraved with El Chiquitin for a special somebody. Personalized gifts are one of my favorites because even if the item was Made in China (and that only means that it was made in bulk) at least you know more time was spent on it, specifically for you, because someone cared that much to make sure you knew it was for you, and also to make it un-re-giftable (haha!).

The Internet has facilitated holiday shopping for many people – including those that love Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving=amazing sales=people standing outside of stores in the middle of night) but can’t partake in the early-bird shopping due to not having the day off. The Internet has ‘solved’ this issue by creating Cyber Monday (Monday after Thanksgiving) where many online retailers offer just-as-amazing sales. One year, if I remember correctly, had hourly sales and boy were they good!

Besides the common shopping stories that you’ll hear regarding how the Internet has made our lives easier – another fun thing about the holidays are the HOLIDAYS. As a New Yorker, from NYC, not outside the city, a little upstate, or from any island besides Manhattan or Staten Island – the holidays mean decorations, Macys, A Christmas Show, the Rockettes, Wintuk, Rockefeller Center, etc. – it means tons of things to do. is one of those websites that makes these things do-able. I get weekly emails that tell me what’s going on in my city and the best part (please try to act surprised) is that they come with some sort of cost-savings – hello?! Does it get any better than that??

The Internet has been a part of 'my holidays' since the beginning. As a child it didn't really matter because my mom was MY INTERNET - she was the one that I went to for everything - but since then, while she hasn't been replaced, the Internet has definitely taken over how and who I go to for my holiday needs.

Happy Holidays everyone!