Girls Out Loud Episode 19: Where We’re Pretty Much Unsurprised…

This week on Girls Out Loud, Maya and Cristina scratch their heads over the relative NON-news of the weeks biggest announcements from Facebook (Messaging) and Apple (the Beatles…seriously.) Also, both ladies are not surprised that cable subscribers are increasingly “cutting the cord,” the new iPhone app Path seems kind of lame, and that the arrival of Twitter analytics seems like it will put a lot of third party apps out of business. Also, we have a special treat! Cristina explains why the Pulse app went free, after all their press this past Monday for doing so. Cuttin the (cable) cord: We’re doin it!

Pulse app goes free!

Twitter Analytics Debuts

The completely lackluster Apple iTunes Beatles announcement (Biiiiiiig whoop.)

Facebook Messaging…(so, what is it?)

Path…the app we’re not quite getting…

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