Learning in the world of too much

You’ve heard of the Baby Boomers, Generation X and now I want to bring up another Generation – the Generation of the Multitasker. This generation if made up of those that have too much to do, or have so many choices and options – that they don’t even know where to start. I think I am apart of this newly found generation and while the increase in options and career choices is all in part due to some of our founding mothers – Gloria Steinin, Luisa Capetillo, etc…they are overwhelming! P.Diddy or Puffy or Puff Daddy (I can’t keep up with the times) once said Mo’Money, Mo’ Problems – but I think Mo’Learning leads to Mo’ Frustrations – I mean why do I have to be a visual learner? Why do I speak in analogies and seem to create relationships through stories? Or why are there so many ways to learn? There are many questions that lie in my head and the head of many others – especially mothers who are trying to help their children learn the best way that they can. We are going to add a new blogger to the site soon – very soon – who will focus on technology and the many ways it can facilitate the learning in children. She is also very well versed in educational advocacy and dealing with learning disabilities.

While CuteGeek.com is a website on technology, by women, a huge role we play in society is by being the mothers of our futures – aka our children. Our new blogger will be able to represent those masses and will bring to us a different way of using technology. While technology saves us time and makes some of our lives cooler, or easier, there is a fascinating way how it can be used to work in conjunction with having too much to do – regardless of what age we are.