Laser Hair Removal

Technology continues helping our lives – in a plethora of ways but one of the main ways it helps me is by saving time. As a woman, a Latina-American living in the US of A, I have quite a bit of time-consuming required maintenance. Similar to a car’s necessary oil change after 15k (varies), once I see hair it MUST be removed. Luckily for me, I am less ‘hairy’ than others…still-I HATE hair and although I looked like I was surprised all throughout junior high school – waxing and plucking my eyebrows saved/changed my life! As I got older, my interests changed…I realized more areas required maintenance that I just couldn’t put up with – waxing/plucking/other hair removal techniques are/can be painful. I did some research and came across laser hair removal and TA-DA! – My world was changing (AGAIN)… There is a lot to know about laser hair removal – you can spend a day reading up on it but here are some questions to ask, or find out before considering…

About You 1. Where do you want to remove hair? 2. How susceptible are you to pain? 3. Are you taking antibiotics? 4. Do you tan often, or will the area be exposed to the sun? 5. How dark is your skin? 6. What is your budget? 7. What is your timeframe?

About The Place 8. How many staff do you have on site? 9. What are your hours? 10. What days are you opened? 11. What machines are used? 12. How well do they treat your skin type/color? (Sounds weird, but this is important, sometimes lasers burn dark skin) 13. Do they have a referral program? 14. How many treatments are needed to remove one area? (will vary by area, hair thickness, etc.) 15. What is the price difference if purchasing per session, or a package containing a couple of sessions? 16. Is there a ‘hairless guarantee’? 17. Can you receive a ‘trial’-to see how the laser works?

Those are some of the questions that I could think of – if you have any more, feel free to contact me (, or if you have questions that may not be listed, email me and ask. While I am not an expert, I do have some experience.

I’m not sure if laser hair removal is actually becoming a lot more popular, or if I only think that because I am seeing a lot more advertisements, especially on websites like I’ll post some good websites that get you really good laser hair removal specials (the best I’ve seen is $100 for 6 sessions).

While I may not have the truest prices – because, like I mentioned, they hike them up, here are some of the prices that I’ve seen for packages that included 8 sessions:

Underarm: 600+ Bikini (Landing strip): 1000+ Brazilian (The whole she-bang): 2000+ Upperlip: 350+ Face: 1000+

What I do urge people to do is to ASK around, read reviews, visit locations/different companies etc. Very similar to car dealerships, laser places hike up their prices to get you to ‘think’ they are giving you a good deal once they lower it – because of that you need to be aware of their prices.

These prices are guesstimates and not associated to any location. From my experience, the best time to buy is usually during the summer months because most people will not want to start a package during tanning season. Another good time to buy, or so it seems, is during the end of the year. Some places have buy 1, get one ½ off promotions, or if you bring a friend you get a better deal. Research, research, research – that is my advice.

Price varies for men, to keep that in mind. also runs a promotion a couple of times a year where you can get a session for only $50! With the increase in laser places – I’m sure prices will be driven down, but until then, take advantage :)