To All Chick-Lovers: The Tech Gods Are On Your Side

Have you woken up and thanked the Tech Gods for saving you during this holiday and possibly every future holiday season? No?

Well why the heck not?

You no longer have to buy the fabulous women in your life jewelry. Haven’t you heard that the latest fad is tech?! Diamonds aren’t cool anymore (I am soooo kidding-they always will be)…but a girl’s best-friend CAN be her handy dandy Windows Phone 7, or HP’s new Palm Pre 2…

Tech gadgets?! - YEAAA!

Women are using gadgets and their wonderful cases and complements as accessories nowadays. Nerds are in, geeks are even more in…so help your lady out and get her the latest fun toys out there. In the end – girls just wanna have fun (while of course still looking absolutely fab in the process)!

Blinged out phones, phones that replace their iPods, iPods that replace their TVs/radios, shower radios, beautiful purses for their laptops, iPads, netbooks, the Slate!!!, underwater cameras for your next vacation, Microsoft’s Kinect, etc…

The options are endless – your dream of having a cute geek as a girlfriend may come true…just hold tight and wait for the gift-giving season to start. Buy her some tech and watch the dream come to life, right before your eyes.

Here are my personal thanks...

(I <3 Google Guys)

(Bill Gates)

(Bill Hewlett & David Packard - the makers of my first PC ever!)

(Michael Dell)

(Steve Ballmer)

(Last, but absolutely not least...the GREAT Steve Jobs)