Holla-What? Oh yea – it was Halloween recently…

As if my Facebook feed could really hide it – it was Halloween a couple of weekends ago and while my newsfeed displayed many embarrassing pictures of people – the one trend, which another friend found, was that it is the one day where boys are encouraged to dress up as girls and girls like…something that rhymes with doors… The highlight of Halloween for me is usually the candy that goes on sale the next day but that wasn’t the case this year. I went to CVS, the morning after, and all I found were Christmas candy and decorations – wtf?! CVS hired ninjas this year? Anyway – I didn’t find candy, but I did have two highlights. The first one was about an awesome mom who wrote about her son wanting to dress like a girl – specially like Daphne from Scooby Doo. It’s a great read – click here if you want to read it – but not everyone thinks its as great as I do. What do you think? Here is an article from the NY Daily News about it…I don’t know what to think. I think opinions are like belly buttons…everyone has one, but everyone doesn’t care about how it looks…so get over it.

My other highlight and probably the biggest (I’m not going to lie) was the absolute cutest, most clever idea for a costume…imagine four sexy chicks…actually wait – four cute geeks in something sexy…yup – they were web browsers…check the vid out for yourself. They also had a fun contest – which one is your favorite?

(Thanks Rebecca Boston, Page Spicer, Jessica Capibaribe and Allison Berding! If I could be anything in this world - I'd hope to be at least half as creative as ya'll are!!!)

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