Girls Out Loud Episode 18: Meanhead Tech Pundits SUCK

This week on the Girls Out Loud Show, get ready for a new voice on set! Cristina couldn't record a show so Maya got her friend Jenn to fill in, and we're in for a treat! Maya and Jenn got emotional over John C Dvorak's brash outpourings about Google, were ashamed for Digg when they're not ashamed of themselves, questioned the Twitter+Ping partnership, pondered the rise of our tablet society, and cheered on streaming music over downloads. The more girls, the merrier!

Twitter + Ping, sitting in a tree:

John C. Dvorak blows a gasket:,2817,2372489,00.asp

Techcrunch (kinda) tablet is no more:

Streaming music is now as popular as downloading:

Digg continues to hold on to the past, when it was cool:

Thanks Jenn for guest-hosting this weeks show-- if you loved it, find Jenn at Twitter, or through her website,

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