Review: Memorex Party Cube (Model Mi7706p)

Picnics, small BBQ's, Beach Outtings...oh my. Food (check) Drinks (check) Games (check) Music (Memorex Party Cube)

This little box can definitely start a party wherever you take it. It's an iPod/iPhone (both 3 and 4) Dock that also has digital AM/FM radio (you can preset stations), and an option for a line in (auxiliary cable not included) . After testing it in my apartment and outside stoop and backyard, the sound quality was surprisingly GREAT!! And another great advantage: RECHARGEABLE BATTERY. All you need to do is plug and connect. It can hold enough life for 4 to 6 hours of continuous play. Its small and compact, you won't have any problems storing it in your apartment, trunk or even beach bag.

Even though you may find variations for a cheaper price (like on, spending the $99 is a great investment to making sure you that you're getting the best sound quality to EVERYWHERE that you go to.