Google Gives Company-Wide Raise!

At first I was hesitant to comment about this because I wasn't sure if it was true.  I recommend you read the article and pass your own judgement. Let's face it, Google seems to be taking over the world!  Can you remember when we didn't HAVE Google?  Now, I can hardly imagine living without it.  I'm not sure if you're like me, but I use it for everything.  Even when I don't think I'm Googling...I'm Googling!  I use the map application on my phone everyday, I use gmail, I google anything I don't know, use the translate function, the reader for RSS feeds, I can literally go on forever!   Don't forget about the  reviews that are conveniently displayed when you're looking for a restaurant or hairdresser.  Who provides you with all these functions and many many many more?  Google!  They even have one of the top selling cell phones on the market!

It's hard to believe that any company (especially in this economy) would give every single person a 10% pay increase and a $1000 bonus.  I guess if anyone can do it, Google definitely can!  *cheers*

Enough cheer-leading from this gal, head over to Business Insider to read the article.

Oh just admit it already, you can't help but love Google!