Web Wednesday: Best Sites for Cheap Flights + Other Travel Deals

I’m not sure who told me about Kayak.com but whoever did has saved me, and I’m sure everyone else they’ve told – lots of money. This site, unlike many others, compiles various airlines, and allows you to customize everything from traveling to different airports, what time you arrive, the number of non-stops you prefer, etc. It uses other websites (the traditional travel ones – Orbitz.com, Travelocity.com and also airline websites) to give you the most competitive prices available.
This is the best website to use for buying flights. Although I’ve never used it to book a hotel, or a car, you can also use this site for those services. Bing.com is Microsoft’s way of telling us-we’re bigger and badder than Kayak because we can predict the future (farecast predicator) – Ooooohhhh! Ahhhh!

Bing has all the features Kayak has + the added benefit of letting you know, visually, the price patterns of a specific search that you’ve just entered. Kayak shows you on their main page, how the prices vary from date to date, so if you’re flexible it helps a lot. Going to Bing.com allows you to choose what you want to do - but if you click here you'll get to go straight into journey of finding a cheap flight.

(FYI - I like to think I am a travel expert...I do it too often and have a lot of experience so if you EVER have questions - feel free to email me at radirisd@cutegeek.com - I'll help answer any questions - especially if you don't want to ask Google)